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Join the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society

Psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, clinicians, students, child-care workers, teachers, educators, scholars, and researchers who have a significant and sustained interest in the principles of psychoanalysis are invited to join the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society.

Your dues provide the Society the resources to fund a number of important activities to broaden and inspire your professional life.  

Benefits of Membership include:

  • Involvement in a vibrant psychoanalytic community
  • Early notice and discounted rates for conferences and events
  • Referral network for office space, patient coverage and events
  • Discussion forums
  • Add your business listing via Find a Therapist
  • Ability to serve on committees, and hold leadership positions
  • Access to members-only events 
  • Discounted registration rates to events
  • Collegial affiliation with other professionals interested in psychoanalysis
  • Online access to the Psychoanalytic Electronic Publishing website, PEP Web, an extensive archive including 50,000 articles from 49 premier psychoanalytic journals dating from 1871-present (within four years), and 96 classic psychoanalytic books, as well as new video capabilities (PEP Videostream)

Cost of Membership:

  • Affiliate Member:  $125
  • Candidate Member:  $100 for Society Membership and $300 Candidate Fee
  • Graduate Analyst:  $500
  • Life Member (Graduate Analyst over age of 70):  $250
  • Post PPPT Graduate:  $75
  • Fellow:  Free
  • PPTP Student:  Free
  • Student/Friend:  $75

*PPTP Students and Candidates in the Institute also pay tuition for classes, in addition to their member fees as assigned.  

To apply now, please read and agree to the following Mission Statement: 

Mission of MPS

The mission of the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Society (MPS) is to provide psychoanalytically informed educational services to the community at large, the professional community, and its own members, and to provide for the collegial affiliation of its members.  Such educational services may include psychoanalytically oriented training programs for clinicians, such as training in adult and child psychotherapy.  MPS shall support and facilitate the development of the Minnesota Psychoanalytic Institute.  MPS may undertake joint sponsorship of such educational activities with MPI and other psychoanalytically informed organizations.  MPS functions within the guidelines and requirements for constituent societies of the American Psychoanalytic Association, and the Executive Committee or other committees of MPS may, from time to time, enjoy the consultative and advisory participation of members of the American Psychoanalytic Association.

If you agree with the Mission of MPS, please click on the appropriate selection to apply for membership:

Membership for Licensed Clinicians

Membership for For Non Clinicians

**Please note, there is an internal approval process for membership applications.  It can take up to three weeks for this full approval.  Heidi Holste, Executive Director will be in contact with you if we have any questions or concerns about your application and for final approval.  

 If you have questions about membership, please email

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